top 7 best affordable romantic hotels in the usa

Top 7 best affordable romantic hotels in the USA

The city of Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida and is famous for its beautiful parks, museums, and restaurants. This incredible city is known as a perfect blend of sea, sun, and surprises. Here is a list of the 7 best places to visit in Tampa, Florida.

1. Ko’a Kea Hotel & Resort – Kauai, Hawaii

If you are planning an escape to the enchanting hues of Hawaii, this hotel might be the perfect option for you two. With splendid private balconies, magnificent tropical views, relieving body spas, exquisite cuisines, and outdoor pools, this place provides it all with a romantic ambiance and aura. So hurry and book your tickets to Hawai with Allegiant Airlines Bookings to unravel exciting deals and offers.

2. Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur, California

Located on a 12- foot ridge overlooking the view of the Pacific Ocean, it provides couples with floor-to-ceiling views of the gigantic ocean in front. It is loaded with wooden fireplaces, exotic spas, and clifftop pools with an exclusion of phones and clocks to bring you closer to nature and its elements. So have your bookings done rapidly with Allegiant Airlines Tickets to enjoy your holiday.

3. Enchantment Resort – Sedona, Arizona

With a splendid view of the red rocks of Arizona’s Boynton Canyon, this resort is all about being surrounded by the gigantic boulders of rock, giving it a hue of red every time the sun sets or rises. It houses kiva fireplaces, couple massages, tennis and golf courts, sports adventure like hiking and scenic trails, and enormous bathing tubs. So, hurry and have your bookings done from the Allegiant Airlines Reservations to enjoy this splendid trip to Arizona.

4. Henderson Park Inn – Destin, Florida

Located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, this is a luxurious hotel with furnishings inspired by the Victorian Era and extensive balcony views of the Gulf Of Mexico. This houses 36 spacious suites along with the panoramicmic view of the white beach sand, creating an intimate ambiance for the couples to enjoy with Florida’s most popular sunsets on your terrace fronts.

5. Auberge du Soleil – Napa Valley, California

Merely a hub for wine lovers, this resort houses 50 cottages offering couples with romantic ambiance where they can reconnect. You will not be able to take your eyes off the alluring views of the vineyards and olive groves with a Michelin-styled restaurant and guest-style spas with a heated infinity pool and gigantic bathtubs.

6. Carneros Resort & Spa – Napa, California

This place is a fusion of both modern and farmhouse decor elements with its wood-burning fireplaces and cottages made of tin fusioned with spacious decks. Enjoy the charming gardens and vineyards on two wheels in the day and wine tasting and cocktails at night.

7. The Chanler at Cliff Walk – Newport, Rhode Island

A European-themed hotel with magical ocean views housing 20 historically themed furnished rooms. Couples can enjoy the historically inclined romantic aura inside and the dewy wind from the ocean outside.